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5 PLUS ENSEMBLE was founded by Sheila Rohan, Michael Leon Thomas, Carmen de Lavallade, Darryl Reuben Hall and Hope Clarke. The company is the culmination and evolution of the sustainable process and performance of the Actor/Singer/Dancer who transcends conventional notions of performance. 

MISSION STATEMENT:  to provide a continuing performing life for our mature artists as we challenge the boundaries of time.

5 Plus Ensemble not only perseveres time and convention, it tests what some see as the limitations of creation and performance in relationship to sustained artistic discovery.

Our ensemble performances will feature those who have repeatedly performed at the top of their game from show to show, company to company, stage to stage as a threat in triplicate.  Includes dancers, singers, actors, musicians, choreographers, technicians and performing artists of all kinds. Spectators will witness the unfettered beauty of mature artists.

5 PLUS Ensemble is a nonprofit organization under the fiscal agency of Fractured Atlas while it receives its status as a 501c3. Proceeds from tickets and donations pay for honorariums, rehearsals and costumes. To donate visit HERE

Co-Artistic Directors: Carmen de Lavallade and Hope Clarke 

Associate Artistic Director: Darryl Reuben Hall 

Performance Director: Hope Clarke


            Carmen de Lavallade, President

            Sheila Rohan, Secretary

            Lorna Harris, Treasurer

            Imani Douglas

            Diedra Harris-Kelley

            Audrey Madison

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